Reserving computer


You can reserve and use computer at the library.

Here you may reservere computer

Rules for netloan reservation system

  • You need lending card and pincode to reserve and use a computer. If you don't have this, please contact the desk
  • Enter your card no and pincode. If you don't have this, please contact the desk. Ex local card: enter the 5 last numbers + pincode. Ex national card: N000123456 + pincode
  • You can make your reservation either from a separate reservation-pc or at the library's home page
  • We charge you NOK 20,- if you don't bring your lending card
  • You may reserve 1 hour (2 x 1/2 hour) per day
  • You may reserve 7 days ahead, max. 6 reservations
  • Please log in at the latest 10 minutes after your reservation time starts, otherwise you'll lose your reservation
  • There will be a warning on the screen 5 min. and 1 min. before end of reservation time
  • If you leave before your reservation time is out, please remember to log out
  • Guests / tourists are kindly asked to enquire at the desk

Central library only

The computers by the pillar may be used for 1/2 hour. They can not be reserved ahead.
The computers at the far end of the library may be reserved for 2 hours (4 x 1/2 hour)
Children may reserve computer at the children's department for 2 hours (4 x 1/2 hour)

The library offer wifi access. For username/password, contact the staff.

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